AeroTech DMS Universal Delay Drilling Tool - UDDT

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For adjusting AeroTech DMS Disposable Motor Systems delay elements.

The DMS Univeral Delay Drilling Tool™ (or UDDT) is designed for shortening DMS delay elements to adjust the time delay of an AeroTech DMS reloadable motor. The UDDT consists of a machined drill tool body and a 1/4” stub drill bit with an attached knob. The tool also has a provision for calibration, as the tip of the drill bit must be flush with the end of the tool body for accurate use. Though adjusted initially at the factory, a set screw placed within the knob makes any necessary readjustment easy.

The ends of the tool are counterbored with recesses that are labeled with 4 or 8 second reductions in the delay time. To use, the DMS delay element is placed into the desired end of the tool and held firmly in place, the drill bit is inserted and the knob is rotated clockwise until the bit is fully seated in the delay and no resistance is felt. In addition, a supplied 1/16” thick washer may be placed between the drill tool body and the drill knob to shorten the delay to an intermediate value.

As is always the case with drilled DMS delays, the delay element should be installed in the motor with the drilled end facing the propellant grains (or away from the ejection charge) for best delay accuracy. Also, no delay should be shortened to less than 4 seconds.

AeroTech is planning to eventually sell most DMS reloads in only the longest certified delay, so the DMS Delay Drilling Tool will be essential for the future use of the DMS line of products.