Quest Micro Maxx™ Boingo All-Inclusive Classroom Rockets Value 12-Pack - Q5640

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Affordable Model Rocketry for groups in a micro size! With Quest’s ARTF (Almost Ready-To-Fly) Micro Maxx™ kits, you’ll enjoy the thrilling experience of model rocketry in a small yard! These micro-sized rockets require only a 50-foot diameter launch. Designed for backyard fun - you won’t lose these micros the first time you launch them. Featuring the powerful Micro Maxx™ motor, maximum altitude is 120 feet and the tumble recovery method ensures that they land nearby!

Includes: 12 Micro Maxx™ rocket Kits, 12 MMX motors, 12 MMX-G2 initiators, Micro Maxx™ Launch Pad, and Launch Controller. One 9-volt alkaline, snap-top, battery for the Launch Controller (sold separately).

Perfect for the Cub Scout Rocket Derby!

Recommended for ages 10 to adult. Direct adult supervision is suggested for those under 12 years of age when building or flying model rockets.

  • Specifications:

    Skill Level 1

    Length - 5.625 inches (14.3 cm)

    Diameter - 0.375 inches (9.53 mm)

    Approximate Weight - 0.11 ounces (3.12 grams)

    Tumble Recovery

    Maximum Altitude 120 feet (37 meters)