Enerjet by AeroTech Barracuda™ Mid-Power Rocket Kit - 89020

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Sleek, slender and over 4 feet tall, the Barracuda is sure to impress everyone with its standout good looks and majestic flights. As with all our kits, the features include molded fins and nose cone, and a no-wadding ejection system!

Enerjet by AeroTech mid-power rockets have durable polymer fins with precision molded airfoils. The unique Fin-Lok™ fin mounting system carries and distributes aerodynamic and thrust loads throughout an integrated rocket structure. Assembly is quick, easy, neat, and precise. When the rocket reaches peak altitude, the Labyrinth™ ejection gas cooling system cools the hot gas from the rocket motor ejection charge. The cooled ejection gas pressurizes the parachute bay and ejects the parachute (requiring no parachute wadding). Every kit comes with motor adapters that allow you to easily use a range of different length, diameter and power Enerjet or AeroTech rocket motors.

All mid-power kits are of single stage design and come equipped with a 29mm motor mount and a screw-on aluminum 29mm motor retainer that doubles as a 24mm motor adapter and retainer. Heavy duty 1/4 inch launch lugs and conformal rail guides are also included with this kit. It gently recovers with a pre-assembled nylon parachute.

Enerjet Skill Level 3 advanced modeler kits require moderate skills in model rocket construction and finishing. The assembly, finishing and glue drying time will take multiple sessions and up to a couple of days to complete the kit properly.

This kit requires assembly. Hobby glues, finishing supplies, building tools, launch system and rocket motors for launching are not included.

Launch supplies sold separately. Flying with E, F and G rocket motors requires the AeroTech Mantis Launch Pad (89281), AeroTech Interlock Launch Controller (893891), 24mm Q-Jet™, Enerjet  or AeroTech rocket motors with FirstFire™ Initiators and Recovery Wadding. A 12-volt battery source is required for the AeroTech Interlock Launch Controller - Not Included.

Recommended for ages 12 to adult. Direct adult supervision is suggested for those under 16 years of age when flying model rockets of this size and power.

Uses Enerjet E20-4W (1st flight), E30-4T, F44-4W, F67-6W, G74-6W, G74-9W, G80-10T rocket motors. Other AeroTech S-U, RMS, LMS, DMS model rocket motors, with a similar motor type (power) designation, should be OK for use in this product. For additional motor recommendations refer to RockSim or OpenRocket software.

  • Specifications:

    Skill Level 3

    Length: 56 in. (142 cm)

    Diameter: 1.9 in. (47 mm)

    Weight: 14 oz. (400 g)

    Motor Mount: 29mm (with 24mm adaptor)

    Recovery: Rip-stop Nylon Parachute

    Fins: 3 - Molded Polymer with Airfoil

    Décor: Self-adhesive Decals